Monday, January 2, 2012


PHANTOM HAND reopens for 2012 this coming Wednesday at 2PM. Along with two events this month, we've got new art coming in every day in preparation for the closing of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society's Out to Dry 3, followed closely by the opening reception for Artificial Dissemination 2; Propaganda to Popaganda.
The vitals:
Out to Dry 3 // Closing Reception // Saturday, January 21st 6:00 PM-???
The inaugural show at PHANTOM HAND, presented by the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. This show consists of sketchbook pages, limited edition prints, inked pages, and framed work from several dozen artists. Because the opening reception was such a runaway success, with over 120+ pieces of art leaving the gallery, a second wave of art has been called for, so the closing will be a slightly different collection than the opening. Come out and help us wrap up an amazing start to our four exhibition run.
Artificial Dissemination 2 // Opening Reception // Friday, January 27th 6:00 PM-???
The second installment of Artificial Dissemination; Propaganda to Popaganda is an exhibition devoted to Propaganda Posters. Last year Masthead Print Studio hosted the first Artificial Dissemination: Dissent on Paper; If in an alternate universe a band of scruffy, beer-swilling artists were the resistance, fighting the tyrant regime of Kindle, Septa, and Homophobes, Artificial Dissemination would have been a fair cross-section of the posters wheat-pasted all over their city.The social commentary in poster-form ranged from warnings about the pitfalls of witchcraft, retaining imagination, and the true nature of religion, to local jabs and the bizarre. This coming January, the rules are the same: subjects will range from political/social issues to jabs at celebrity and pop culture. See images from the first AD exhibition HERE

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