Thursday, March 21, 2013

PHANTOM HAND presents Last Meal at Jinxed

"The phrase Last Meal evokes images of death row, prison garb and the last rites. This April, Phantom hand is digging deeper. Less interested in crime and punishment, we are exploring narratives of the thoughts and mouthfuls before the end. Why not the stray French fry dropped by a motorist that caused him to veer into oncoming traffic, or the final Styrofoam cup of soup before a vagrant expires in the cold? We are setting our sights beyond the prison walls. This April 20th, please join Phantom Hand for one Last Meal."
Participating artists: Steve Streisguth, Carol Piast, Sara Heinio, Anthony Pedro, Mike Sgier, Jeff Daniels, Benjamin Pannell, Brad Kingett, Brain Robertson, Tim Durning, Eli VandenBerg, John Moriarty, Justin Gray, Kat Gun, Robb Leef, Eamon Dougherty, Julie Laquer, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Sam Heimer.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SNEAK PEAK: Work from 'The Dead Cats of Civilization', opening THIS SATURDAY!

Ed Kelley
 We've only seen a small portion of the work coming in for 'The Dead Cats of Civilization', but it's already shaping up to be a visual stab in the looking balls. Spanning odds and ends phased out in the artists' lifetimes, things lost to society centuries ago, and even a few things fading fast right now; this show is chock-full of nostalgia for the now useless, served up in a way that's a bit more palatable than the shitty Nintendo controller belt-buckle I saw your girlfriend wearing on her way to Silk City last weekend.

Opening information after the images.

Crystal Shephard
Robb Leef
Sam Heimer
Ben Pannell
Alex Eckman-Lawn

Mike Sgier
Anthony Pedro
Mike Wohlberg

Jeff Desantis

Caitlin McCormack
Adam Smith (WIP Detail)
Sam Heimer
John Moriarty
Eamon Dougherty (WIP)
 "I've done enough for it to give me the indisputable right to lay it, 
if I choose, for an everlasting rest in the dust-bin of progress, 
amongst all the sweepings and, figuratively speaking, 
all the dead cats of civilization."
                                                                         -Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

Phantom Hand presents an exhibition of the antiquated and obsolete. This collection will pay tribute to occupations, tools and practices now relegated to the 'dust-bin of progress'.
PHANTOM HAND presents The Dead Cats of Civilization at Jinxed 
Opening Reception Saturday, March 16th 6:00PM-10:00PM
1050 N Hancock Street, Philadelphia
The Piazza at Schmitds