Sunday, March 23, 2014

APRIL 4th // Edward Kelley & Christine Larsen at Jinxed Fishtown

This coming First Friday in April, Phantom Hand is kicking off If Not This Then That with a collection of ink drawings from long-time contributors and friends Edward Kelley and Christine Larsen. The series is our best attempt at recreating creeping behind an artist while they doodle at the bar or coffee shop without the awkwardness when they feel your eyes or stank ass breath. The images Kelley and Larsen will be hanging are studies, doodles, warm-ups, and all the loose and lovely musings the two artists create in between projects. Because of this, the images slant towards, fun, loose and downright sexy. Don't miss this one folks. Teaser follows...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Leaving Now, Books Later

Come out this coming weekend to Phantom Hand's summer doldrums show, and see how our artists grapple with a completely open-ended show, art based simply on the title of the exhibition. Featuring work by: Rog Petersen, Juliana Lose, Eli Vandenberg, Carol Piast, Daniel Trauten, Harrison Freeman, Jenny Ross, Christine Larsen, Christian Patchell, Melissa Lomax, Concetta Barbera, James Heimer, Elliott Downs, Jeff Desantis, Jeff Daniels, Anthony Pedro, Brad Kingett, Eamon Dougherty, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Sam Heimer, and more! We've got some new hands in the mix, as well as some old favorites that've been missing in action. Event Page HERE.

On September 6th, come help us lay summer to rest in all its sweaty glory with the opening reception of 'Required Reading' at the new kid in town, the Art Dept. Phantom Artists are cracking books and illustrating favorite passages, scenes, characters, and redesigning book covers. Toss sponsorship by PBC and 215Local food truck into the mix and it's going to be a night of book-worm-badassery. Artist lineup: Roger Petersen, Christine Larsen, Elliott Downs, Concetta Barbera, Julie Laquer, Alicia Neal, Caitlyn McCormack, Ed Kelley, Tim Durning, Carol Piast, Jay Bevenour, James Heimer, Robb Leef, Jeffro Kilpatrick, Anthony Pedro, Jenny Ross, Eamon Dougherty, Alex Eckman-Lawn, and Sham Heimer. Event Page HERE.
And if the show itself isn't enough booking for you: "In conjunction with our exhibition Required Reading: Interpretation of literature by Phantom Hand, The Art Dept Book Club will read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Join us Thursday September 12th for wine, cheese, and lively discussion of this Sci-Fi Classic!"Event page HERE.

Monday, May 13, 2013

DATE CHANGED!! // David Rankin Solo Exhibition

Please note, Phantom Hand presents the work of David Rankin has been moved to the following Saturday, May 25th. The Phantom apologizes for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Also, Group Therapy at Masthead Print Studio has been postponed, date TBD. Keep an ear to the ground, and if you're participating in this show, don't fret, it will be rescheduled.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why not spend APRIL, MAY, and JUNE with the Phantom?


Hope this finds you all well. If you didn't see the posts by organizers on our other outlets; THANK YOU to everybody who made Last Meal a killer show. If you missed it, a good portion of the show has sold, but some solid work remains on the walls. A few shots from the opening...

We've got some big things coming up in May and June. First up, Phantom Hand is hosting a solo exhibition of one of our favorite local illustrators, David Rankin.

"Dave Rankin paints with the fury of the gods.  Take post apocalyptic Earth, swords and sorcery, current day politics and the rest raw power, grind it all up into a rusty vat of destruction and you will have one of his paintings. Dave doesn't pull any punches with his far from exact vision of humanity, past and not too distant future. He delves into a world of fire, texture and feeling, his oil and mixed media panels carrying a strange sense of foreboding to them. They desire to be perfect, but know in their hearts that they cannot.  He lives just outside of Philadelphia with his wife and two sons. While he is not waiting tables at Buddakan, he makes art for Effigy Skateboards, paints and plans to create a life size whale from recycled, welded bicycle frame tubing. He envisions starting the whale at its heart."

We've got two exhibitions slated for June, Group Therapy and Small Talk, and the artist turnout for the latter is shaping up to be our biggest since having our Gallery on South Street.

JUNE 22nd // SMALL TALK at Jinxed
"This June, Phantom Hand appeals to the voyeurs and people-watchers. Small Talk is an exploration of the awkward, forced, occasionally drunk, seemingly meaningless and yet necessary interactions we have with strangers every day. Participating artists will be asked to go out into the world - whatever bars, coffee shops, buses or dark alleys they may haunt - and sketch from life, maybe even eavesdrop and jot down snippets of conversation to be used in making of their final piece of artwork. Artists will be supplied with identical Field Notes brand memo-books to work in, and a page of this preliminary work will hang with each finished piece of art, both unifying the show and giving a rawer glimpse of the artists’ studies."

JUNE 8th // GROUP THERAPY at Masthead Print Studio
"Art is often cathartic, but typically as a fringe benefit. Vast amounts of art criticism and history have been written trying to surmise the artists fears, the pain they live with or the demons they cannot shake - all working their way into a final piece. In some cases the catastrophe that molded the body of work is known, and the psychological damage can be measured in the art itself. The fact that this emotional baggage appears in art cements that creating is often the artist’s way of working through a problem, venting to the viewer or coping with painful memories. This June, Masthead Print Studio, in collaboration with Phantom Hand, is presenting the rare occasion, when the art is that demon, plain as day. We’re inviting artists to create and dig as deep as they like, or stay shallow or vague, remain anonymous, or just plain ignore our invite. We are not looking to exploit your fears or put on a 2D soap opera - we only want to provide a venue, and an occasion to in the company of friends and fellow creators, get something off your chests."

More soon.