Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back By Popular Demand: Drink & Draw (with live model)

It seems most people caught wind of our first figure-drawing night too late to attend, and we've been getting requests left and right to have another, so thanks to the coordination of sweetheart Paul Palcko;
Come draw with us

Sunday, May 6th
$7 per person.
BYOE (Bring your own easel)
The furniture at the gallery is minimum.

Model for the night: Heather! She was last months model as well and did an amazing job!

Please let us know if you are planning to be there, so we can have an idea of how many will attend.
Feel free to forward this invite to friends.

Check out photos of the model and everyones drawings here:

Any questions?
Contact Paul at:

As per requested above, please RSVP HERE so we can get a general head-count. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hope you're as excited about the forthcoming schedule (see here) as we are. So here's some more details on what's happening at the Phantom in the next few weeks.
April 21st, Saturday 6:00PM-10:00 PM - Closing reception for Mythology & the Forgotten Gods
April 27th, Friday 6:00PM-10:00 PM - Opening reception SPRING CLEANING
The odds and ends, bastard children and misfits, christmas-tree stands and rusted yard tools of Heather Gargon, Julie Laquer, Julianna Lose, Christine Larsen, Greg Pizzoli, JP Flexner, Tim Durning, Alex Eckman-Lawn, James Heimer, Matt Weikel, Anthony Pedro, Eamon Dougherty, Sam Heimer, and other Phantom Hand artists.
We're cleaning out our closets and flat-files before Phantom Hand kicks off an amazing show schedule for the summer. Help us make room for some new artwork and check out original inked pages, limited edition prints, and paintings; new and slightly used.
May 5th, Saturday 6:00PM-10:00 PM - Opening reception Plastopia; Visual Works by MooNoo
More info on this coming.
May 25th, Friday 6:00PM-10:00 PM - Opening reception Lady Like
Curated by Stephanie Struse.

Make no mistake; the plight of the female artist has certainly been a trying one over the course of history. Indeed, it has taken many, many years for male and female artists to coexist- at least from the standpoint of the mainstream, westernized canon. All grievances aside, it is with happy hearts that we can say today, these biases between the sexes seem to be dissipating significantly, if not altogether. Ladylike: An All-Female Exhibition is not a show of exclusionary connotations; rather it is one that simply celebrates lady artists in the here and now, and what their contributions ultimately mean for the future of the arts.

Also, we're having another drink and draw with a live model. We've been getting asked left and right when the next one would be, and this time around it'll likely be on a Sunday afternoon early in May. Ample notice will be given.

That's all for now folks. Hope to see you this Saturday night at the closing. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mythology Closing // Up-And-Coming Event Announcements

Photo: Julie Laquer
Friends of the Phantom,
Hope you're all well. A bit late, but thank you all too much, the artists, patrons, organizers, beer-swilling myth-mongers, and Anthony Pedro (curator) for making Mythology and the Forgotten Gods a runaway success. The participating artists brought their A game, and the opening was packed from start to finish. If you missed out on this exhibition, come rub elbows with the art and artists one last night at the closing reception, Saturday, April 21st, 6PM-10PM. Below, a few samples of work from the show, and after the purty pictures, some vague suggestions as to programming for the coming four months at Phantom Hand.

Kirsten Harper
Sam Heimer
Eamon Dougherty
Christine Larsen
Michael Bukowski
Greg Christman
James Heimer
Photo: Kara Lindstrom
After a few weeks of brain-storming, tossing around some ideas around, and making a few calls, we've penned the schedule for the remaining four months of Phantom Hand's existence, and not to toot our own phantom horn, but it's a pretty impressive line-up.

4/21 - Mythology and the Forgotten Gods closing reception
4/27 - Spring Cleaning opening reception
5/5 - MooNoo Solo opening reception
5/19 - Spring Cleaning / MooNoo closing reception
5/25 - Lady-Like; An All Female Art Exhibition opening reception
6/2 - Dave Rankin Solo opening reception
6/16 - Lady-Like / Dave Rankin closing reception
6/22 - Greetings From... opening reception
7/7 - Nevada Hill Solo opening reception
7/21 - Greetings From... / Nevada Hill closing reception
7/27 - Top Secret The Phantom's going out with a Bang Last Event at Phantom Hand; This is going to be a big to-do. Two bands already booked and an extensive, mind-blowing artist invite list is being culled from galleries all over Philadelphia.

Along with the above, we will be hosting an event in support of Christian Patchell's book I Put the Can in Cancer, a few more figure-drawing nights hosted by Paul Palcko (see photo below), Pictionary and Drink and Draws on the weekends over the summer, and possibly; a city-spanning Art-Crawl.

More soon folks. Hope to see you on the 21st.