Thursday, January 19, 2012

Braulio Amado's "Houdini"

We're all pretty siked to annouce that Braulio Amado's "Houdini" opens Feb. 4th and will run through the 18th. Check out some of his work here. And you can read the press release below:

Houdini is a travelling exhibition by Braulio Amado. Inspired by the greatest magician that ever lived, the series alludes to abstract universes and fantasies, exploring mind tricks and the possibilities of the impossible. The pieces invoke the unexpected and draw from raging sounds, like those of the Melvin's "Houdini" record. Expect weird stuff.
Braulio Amado is a portuguese kid born in '87 who recently moved to NYC. He works as a graphic designer for Pentagram Design and is the director of "Pedal," a free monthly newspaper in Portugal. He plays music and tours the world with his band "Adorno." 

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