Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hope you're all well. We're currently halfway through our last week showing a full roster of artists at Phantom Hand, and THIS SATURDAY, May 19th, is our big closing party. Hopefully you marked your calendar and got a dog/child sitter the moment we announced the date, but if not, you can let us know you're going HERE. If for some reason our closing is news to you, please see the post prior to this. The party is starting at 4:30; we're going to put as much of the remaining art on the walls as possible, this is the last night of Plastopia, starting at 7:00 we'll be hosting the traveling minstrels Sharkula, Still, and Fire in the Hearts, there'll be plenty of beer, Mama Heimer is making a batch of baked goods, food/drink donations are welcome, and we're going to do what we did every 3rd Saturday and 4th Friday for the past six months; pretend we're looking at art but really gawk at the weirdos walking down South Street through the big, dirty gallery windows with beers in our hands chanting "we look at you till you look at us". I guarantee a good time. If you have other Saturday night obligations, stop by anyway, this one is going to go into the wee hours.

As far as the Phantom from here on out; we're been getting offers, making connections, and have some solid leads for the future. We'll be back. We always come back.

Patrons who bought art but have yet to pick it up in a timely manner; COME GET IT! You have till the 26th.

Artists: Pickup/payout beings THIS SUNDAY. See the post prior to this for the details, and please, don't forget to pickup your work. As much as the probable hair-braiding/bong emporium/hat store taking our space would enjoy your work, I'd rather see it go back to you.

And once again, thank YOU ALL so much for your support.

The Phantom Handy

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