Friday, February 17, 2012


This Friday, February 24th, come feel the grimy, vintage love at Phantom Hand with the opening of PULP LOVE, curated by Jeffro Kilpatrick and Eamon Dougherty.

"The Pulp magazines from the old days is where the hardboiled detective was born, and featured stories set in the Jungles of Tarzan, the orbits of Mars even the saloons and deserts of the old west. This February, Philadelphia artists are borrowing from that wealth of cheap and lurid culture, and giving it a shot with cupid's arrow for a belated Valentine's Day celebration! What would a yegg and his moll do for a romantic evening after robbing the bank? What if the space damsel in distress falls for her robot alien suitor? Come find out in an exhibition that pulls from the vast wealth of Pulp genres and puts a romantic spin on it."

Afterwards, come have a drink with some of the participating artists at the after-party, upstairs at Tattooed Moms. Drink Specials, 21+ with ID.

 ALSO, tomorrow night, 2/18, is the closing reception for Artificial Dissemination 2; Propaganda to Popaganda and Braulio Amado's Houdini, 6:00PM-10:00PM. Come out and get your propaganda and escapist bondage on before the shows are gone!

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